Welcome to our Green Island Media Website

Welcome to our Green Island Media Website

lets go over everything our website has to offer together! (click on bold writing to view page)

Welcome to Green Island Media a platform were you can find all sorts of information. A place to connect with great artist, music, and activities associated with Green Island Media founded by Christopher Hart who is thrilled to guide you through our website to find everything you need at your finger tips, so lets go over everything our website has to offer together!

Each page is designed to give you everything you need to know; our Home page gives you information about Green Island Media as a music production company. A place were all talented professional individuals collaborate creating a package deal to fulfill your request for music. Go to this page to read more and also enjoy our new music video out by Chris Hart ft. Gyptian “It’s All About You.” Listen to the fusion of reggae and hip hop genre created by himself Christopher Hart; don’t forget to subscribe here to our youtube channel for more up coming hot music videos.

Christopher Hart the founder himself  has been in the music profession for several successful years. Green Island Media’s About page can give you the full run down for were he came from and who he really is as an artist from Jamaica. Click here to see more information about Christopher Hart.

Once you have taken the moment to read about Christopher Hart you can also find another one of our informative pages that gives you access to all services Green Island Media has to offer. If you have any questions you may Contact Christopher Hart for any music production needs.

Not only is Green Island Media a music production company, we have expanded other services that offer spontaneous traveling events by networking with Green Island Retreat who has organized an all-inclusive traveling service to Jamaica. A culture you have to experience; we do this for you by creating amazing yoga, couple, singles retreats throughout the year. View this link and you will find our website associated with Green Island Retreat for further information! Feel free to join our 7 day yoga retreat in Jamaica coming up in August 2018.

Now that you have access to our website please click on bold links to view our website for detailed information. You can stay connected with our blog page as we will have weekly updates for you to read about us continuing our journey growing as a family with the community. Also, don’t forget to check out our shop page to purchase and download all music created by Green Island Media. Stay tuned for more exciting merchandise coming soon!



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