Green Island Yoga Retreat

Green Island Yoga Retreat

Green Island Retreat is hosting a 7 day yoga retreat in Jamaica August 16th thru 22nd led by Jamie Angelica Patino.

Come and let us take you to Paradise couldn’t be the clearest description for Green Island Retreats goal. I myself love Jamaica and have been there a handful of times. My plan is to continue my journey, not only for its beauty, but most importantly the humble people that live on the island. They have and will always welcome me making me feel at home every time I go. I’ve gone, I’ve experienced, I’ve loved going to different parishes (towns) every time I have traveled to Jamaica. Trust me, if you’ve thought about going to Jamaica this is your time to really come and join our group! Green Island Media would like to host this event by creating a safe place in Jamaica for you to experience their land and culture.

Traveling could cost a lot but fortunately my husband and I have organized it were it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to visit Jamaica during your retreat. We have an all inclusive package where you pay one package fee that includes the essentials needing to travel while you’re there in Jamaica. Not only have we organized a location for a group to join the fun, this group is going to be limited to create its own unique intimacy and privacy during the 7 day Green Island Yoga Retreat.

Green Island Retreats goal is to take you to Paradise BUT our ultimate goal is to make it as affordable for you to experience all the joyful moments of Jamaica whilst you stay. A 7 day yoga retreat hosted by Christopher Hart founder of Green Island Media and wife Mahnessa Hart for like-minded individuals to get together on the island for a cause. For individuals who can take a moment to treat themselves by letting go of the day to day hustling, unwinding to relax, rejuvenating to feel calmness, and to “just be” on the countryside with a beautiful humble authentic cultural environment and authentic people.

Paradise Hills is were all the magic begins, where you start your journey and become one with nature and leave all your problems behind. Sometimes we think if we buy a ticket and just go somewhere can help us cope and enjoy a little vacation, but we have something different for you. This deal we have put together not only accommodates you with a place to stay, transportation, and food. We have an amazingly beautiful yoga instructor Jamie Angelica Patino who will be leading all your yoga and meditation classes and this is what she would like to say, “Greetings everyone, I am overwhelmingly blessed to be joining this adventure with you. My name is Jamie Angelica Patino and I have been a yoga practitioner for over 17 years and a certified yoga and meditation instructor for 4 years. I was initiated to teach Mayan yoga by Mayan elder, Hunbatz Men and I will definitely share some of this transcendental practice with you. I am also an RYT-200 instructor with training in many forms of yoga and meditation and love to teach challenging asanas and lead calming meditations.” Then she wraps it up with a warm, “I look forward to being in paradise with you all and creating life changing moments with each and every one of you. Namaste, In Lak’ech, one Love, Jamie.”

I really feel her warm presences and enjoy her company every time we meet, she is grounded and intone with what our mind, body, and spirit needs to continue a happy healthy relationship with our one self. This will give you the time to put all your thoughts, worries, duties, and etc. aside to “just be” while you give yourself the time and patients to enjoy yourself, stretch yourself, give yourself the room to grow and become a more humble person with a peace of mind for yourself.

Jamie Angelica Patino has been a motivated yoga and meditation teacher dedicated in teaching and sharing the healing properties of ancient practice. She continues to work with students of all levels while watching them grow into their own spiritual practice with pleasure. Experiencing multiple opportunities working independently by leading at Open door to Yoga, Gypsy Luv, and THT studios. After completing her education within Open Door to Yoga and Cosmic School of Mysteries her passion is to continue this journey. Jamie has also completed few projects working and volunteering in events with like-minded individuals and Jamaica is going to be another good one on her list as we are all excited to start this journey together. Please check out her website for further details of her practice, feel free to leave comments for feedback and stay tuned for our itinerary for our retreat coming soon!


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